Reflections of the Soul

I often say that smiling, thanking, loving, caring, explain, teach, share attitudes, thoughts and things are good reflections of the soul.
Never be late for your soul to reflect good things.
Just start.


Donations are acts of the most relevant. Historically, many nations had been born and raised under this provision. The United States was and is a great nation in part by doing the deed of donation. As in the case of the settlers who gave of their time to build silos for grain farms of the neighbors. Therefore, giving is an act of charity, friendship, love, finally an act that inspires the best of all. Why make this donation, you can be your time, money, relationships share for good causes.
Anyway donate.


Billions of people worldwide, of diverse religions and beliefs, believe in reincarnation. You probably also believe that the soul is immortal. Well in this case, consider this:
If my soul is immortal, I must act without thinking, doing things wrong, hurt others, that nothing bad will happen to me in another life. Or act in this life to avoid paying a future life, for wrong deeds in this life? Think about it. Or you can think like this: whatever, I act well, because that is what I believe.

Ward off evil thoughts

Bad thoughts occur to anyone at any time of your life and in many instances normal or even weird. Ward off evil thoughts, is one of the things that everyone should practice. Why? Because this type of thought attracts negativity where you would not believe, and because logically, it will only harm him.
How to avoid? There is a provision that says "watch and pray." But in addition to prayer, to control your thoughts is a strong practice that produces results. Replace bad thoughts with good ones, when they arise.

The mind is the key

The mind is the key to "almost everything". Not everything, for example, attitudes, or choices of others who can influence you, do not depend on your mind. In this example there is only one option for you, try to influence them. But it's the most she could do, the choices of them, are theirs. Then concentrate on "almost everything". That is, everything that depends on your mind.


Get the balance is easy to understand, but requires work to practice.
But think, man on a tightrope, balancing it with the help of a long pole. So imagine, placing a weight on either end of the stick. How to maintain the balance? Always seek the center of everything. The healthy balance is the technique to assess where it is not the end of things, and stay in the middle of them.
Think of situations that are extreme, because all have, and check where is the center of them.
Move to there.

Not recyclable

You know the only thing that is not recyclable?
It is time. Therefore:
do not waste it, not resting when tired;
do not waste it, not working a little extra for laziness;
do not waste it, not loving;
do not waste it, wasting an opportunity, for fear;
do not waste it, not being friendly;
do not waste it, not being helpful;
do not waste it, not being humble;
do not waste it, not being charitable;
do not waste it, do not pray;
do not waste it, because he will not return ever again.

Never doubt

Never doubt, even when everything seems to be no solution.
Never doubt, even though everything seems to show that nothing will work.
Never doubt, even if they say otherwise or to doubt you.
Never doubt it because there is always a solution. Even though it takes. Persevere in the well and at work.
Never doubt it, who is accompanied Him.
Never doubt, of you.

Your treasures

His treasures, can and must be obtained through work, persistence, perseverance, dedication and true talents.
Never, ever, through greed,
avarice, cheating or laziness.

Reflective Notes - 2

"Never yell their happiness so high, because envy is a light sleeper"
"You are what your spirit is."
"Faith is not religion. But his religion must be the faith."
"Their strength stems from its spirit, not his brain or his muscles."
"Your best friend will always be you. But do not forget that you're not the center of the world"

Dealing with fear

Practice thinking:
That the fears I have, not hinder me from seeing what I desire.
What fears, becoming the calm and peace that I deserve.
That the fears that corrode me, will turn into, good certainties.
What is required is a joy for me to quiet the mind.

All this in mind

Many say all this in mind. It's all true. After all we only use on average 30% capacity of our brain.
But the question is: How to use my mind to take a lot of benefits?
The answer: It's simple and difficult at the same time. I will divide the explanation.
It is simple because: just use logic. Example: if I breathe through your nose, because my mouth emits snoring? Then I conditioned my brain to think about this logically, and the snoring stops. That is the logic is something that the brain accepts unconditionally. You can apply the logical reasoning for almost everything.
difficult because: it requires training.
Condition your brain to work for you, not vice versa.

To be truly happy

To be truly happy, be overcome old addictions, which cause great torment.
Envy, jealousy, selfishness, greed and lust are examples of unbalanced moral fissures that harass those who hold them.
The man decided to be really happy to dedicate themselves to combat their addictions.
The developed intellect helps you identify your moral issues.
Just think about which of its features to take away the peace and are not praiseworthy in others.
Identified the problems, work is needed to combat them.
The mature man knows that there is no result without work, no reward without effort.
It must be the application of a strong will in the very character chipping.
The full happiness implies spiritual perfection, but this is the work.


Believe, is the action most relevant to his life.
Believing in life;
believe in something higher;
believe in themselves;
believe in the family;
believe in the opportunities;
believe in happiness;
Belief is the foundation. Believing is everything.

Reflective Notes - 1

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the places and times and can take our breath away."
"Peace in the consciousness is the best pillow for the sleep of peace."
"Love is the best song in the score of life."
"Do not miss a prayer, an opportunity or a good friend."
"Only two quality are relevant to the Supreme Being: humility and charity."

Smile and dialogue

Two components that you can not miss, ever.

It is the business card of healthy people.
Spread gently.

It is the bridge that connects the two banks, the self, to the you.
Build it forever.

You're never disoriented

You're never disoriented. Believe me, I'll explain why.
His life through the eyes of others always look, different from how you see it. And vice versa.
However life, yours, mine, of any person, is composed of paths, like railroad tracks.
So imagine that looking at the intersection of dozens of train tracks, pointing to different directions. Consider that each of these is an option in life, evaluate each one, then delete each of which seem wrong, inappropriate, unrealistic, dangerous and unsatisfactory. Of the few that are left, consider the less feasible, then delete them. The other, keep those that are possible, the probable and desirable. Try the first possible if haywire, try again, now the likely, one will eventually lead you at some point in the life desirable.
Just keep trying, because if you stop trying, that's the end.

Inner universe

The inner world is your self.
All the resources you need are at your fingertips. You need to access them. To assess this is frankly and dispassionately.
Rate yourself to become better known and finally by their inner resources at his disposal in his favor.

Success and failure

The first success does not mean victory and the first failure does not mean defeat.
Ask yourself if what you are doing today you come near the place where you want to be tomorrow.

Before putting a barrier in your life, remember that you will leave in and what that will be out.

Scream for what?

Gandhi, explaining why people scream upset with each other:

"You know because you yell at someone when you are bored?
The fact is that when two people are upset, their hearts are far away.
To cover that distance they must yell to be able to listen to one another.
On the other hand, what happens when two people are in love?
They do not shout. Speak softly.
And why?
Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is small.
Sometimes they are so close to their hearts, nor speak, only whisper.
And when love is more intense, it need not even whisper, just look at each other, and just.
Their hearts understand.
Finally, the thinker concludes by saying:
When you discuss, do not let your hearts deviate, do not say words that are removed from most, it will come a day when the distance is so great that no longer find their way back."